Darren Doherty
Pioneer Underwriting Limited

The proposal to create an underwriting division within the Minova Group was spearheaded by Darren back in 2009. Pioneer was accepted as a Managing General Agent (MGA), with binding authority to underwrite on behalf of Underwriters at Lloyd's in 2011. Pioneer has rapidly expanded in the UK, USA and Switzerland since its formation in 2011. Pioneer has grown profitably over the 5 year period since launch to a business spanning 19 Underwriting teams producing in excess of £250m of premium. Darren is responsible for the overall strategy and vision of Pioneer Underwriters, with the primary objective to build the brand into a successful underwriting agency/risk bearing entity. As well as spearheading the Lloyd’s application to become an MGA, Darren also negotiated the partnership with Liberty Syndicates, who are the capital providers to the original Pioneer team. Darren’s responsibility for expanding Pioneer into the USA was successfully completed in June 2012, with the hiring of a significant US producer and a supplemented with a further 6 teams and the creation of a strong US board.

In addition to securing 25 capital providers including Liberty Syndicates, Darren, in conjunction with Liberty, successfully launched The Lloyds ISN 1980 which is Pioneers risk bearing entity within the group. This was complemented in 2014 with the launch of 1980 Company platform hosted by LMIE.

Darren is accountable for the delivery of people and organisation initiatives, including supporting the business strategies to maximize performance, consistency and value.