2020 MGAA Podcasts

The Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agents Title
What are the benefits of being Chartered for an MGA?
Tuesday 28 July 2020
11:00 - 11:45
Would you like to:
•    Make a public declaration of professional standards?
•    Commit to people development & customer first values?
•    Support wider societal initiatives?
•    Wear the ‘Chartered Badge’ with pride?
Then please join us on Tuesday 28th July at 11:00 -11:45 for a joint MGAA/CII webinar and listen to Sian Fisher, CEO tell us  why she initiated this new title for MGAs, learn about the benefits to your business from 2 leading MGAs who wear their ‘Chartered badge’ with pride.
Ant Gould, Director, full Circle Comms, is in the chair and will be asking these questions and many more of our panel:
•    Sian Fisher CEO, Chartered Insurance Institute
•    Philip Williams, Managing Director, Simply Business MGA – MGA member
•    Alan Roe, CEO, Touchstone Underwriting –MGA member
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
•    Summarise the Chartered ethos
•    Explain the benefits and criteria on how to achieve the new Chartered designation for  Corporates
•    Describe Managing General Agents’ professional journey
This webinar can be included as part of your  CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.

Webinar. How to be a 'streetwise' MGA in a changed world 
SPEAKERS:  Charles Rowley, Director, DA Strategy ; Bruce Carman , Chief Underwriting Officer, Hive Aero ; Martin Roffey, Executive Director, Willis Re - Alternative Distribution Operation
Thursday 23 July 2020
There’s no denying it - MGAs continue to be hugely popular structures within the global (re)insurance market, appearing in all different shapes and sizes and with varying purposes. But the landscape in which we are all operating is fraught with change and uncertainty and with further capacity restrictions on the horizon, MGAs need to be prepared in order to guarantee their survival and to thrive in the future. 

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
• Better align business and growth objectives with carrier partners
• Have insights from the broker perspective on how to attain capacity
• Recognise how MGAs can demonstrate their value to capacity providers
• Understand DA relationship management
• Identify how to ensure operational fitness for the future

WEBINAR. A Bluffers Guide to API’s and what they really mean for Insurance and your business

Panel and Speakers
:  Tomek Bugajski, Peter Roberts, Martin Betts, Richard Clarkson and David Ovenden
Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020
This session will provide you with an Insurance insider view of the real value of API’s in a digestible format, including real world examples and some ideas for delegates to create their own ideas.

Traditionally, presentations follow a formula of analysis like [ [Who + What + Where] = How] = Why.  This is a practical presentation so we will be starting with the Why:
- WHY it’s useful for you to have a basic understanding of API’s
- HOW they work in a non-technical way
- WHAT they can do for you and HOW they give you the basic tools for creating or, accelerating your own business possibilities

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
(1) Have a basic understanding of what APIs are and why they are useful to their business.
(2) Recognise how API's work.
(3) Be confident in how API's can assist their business functions.

WEBINAR. Brexit - are you prepared?

:  Chair - Marco Del Carlo; Lloyd's - Haris Khan; LIIBA - Chris Croft; IUA - Helen Dalziel; PKF Littlejohn - Howard Jones
: Wednesday 8 July 2020
Brexit became a reality on the 12th December 2019 and as such we must now resolve the issue of access to EU markets.  Recent events have since taken over businesses and society at large, however Brexit remains a key issue for our members.  Lloyd’s previously set out their position regarding MGA coverholders and their remains a need for continued engagement to support MGAs over the coming months.

We have therefore organised a Brexit Forum where members can join and ask questions to a panel of industry experts:
Chris Croft will outline the brokers position and where the majority of Liiba members are with their planning.  Helen Dalziel will advise where the non-Lloyd’s market are.  Haris Khan will be able to provide a Lloyd’s perspective.  Finally, we are also joined by Howard Jones who will be able to give an overview from a tax view point.

MGAA Next Gen are pleased to host this Webinar - LinkedIn: A look at how to make the most of your profile 
SPEAKER: Keith Lewis, Social Media Manager, Zurich UK
Tuesday 30 June 2020
Social media has become an essential part for businesses and individuals throughout all professions.  It can be an incredibly powerful outlet to share ideas, promote products and to connect to like-minded people.  However like everything there are pitfalls and challenges in getting the most out of your profile and making it work for you.  This webinar, brought to you by Keith Lewis who will explore LinkedIn as a platform, how to use it in line with your business’ strategy, how to create an engaging profile and the types of content that tend to resonate with people.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
1.       Understand Linkedin as a platform and the recent trends of how the platform is used
2.       Look at how governance takes a central role in the use of LinkedIn
3.       Learn how to build an engaging profile page which makes maximum impact on your audience
4.       Appreciate what content is the most impactful and what to share with your connections 

WEBINAR. Unlocking the Workplace, life at work after lockdown
Speakers: Sara Ager – CEO, GreenKite ; Paul Leach – People and Performance Lead, GreenKite ; Karen Stanford – Operations and Transformation Lead, GreenKite

Date:  Friday 26 June 2020
GreenKite are pleased to host this session which will cover legal, operational and HR considerations of returning to work and will outline business practices employers need to be cognisant of in order to continue to manage a resilient operation.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
1. Understand health and safety considerations and business practices of what employers need to be cognisant of as teams return to work
2. Be aware of the legal operational and HR essentials of returning to work
3. Understand the practical assistance and advice in respect of developing a structure which encourages and promotes a supportive environment from the top
4. Have learned a number of tools and practical tips to help senior managers and executives in ensuring they continue to manage a resilient operation
5. Understand the considerations and tips on returning furlough employees to work

WEBINAR.  Agile Innovation in Insurance
How forward-thinking MGAs are revolutionising the market through techniques developed in software engineering
SPEAKER: Stephen Richardson, Market Consultant
Thursday 25 June 2020
Growing customer expectations and InsurTech disruption is forcing MGAs to operate in a more agile manner. This need has become even more apparent as COVID-19 turns the market on its head. In order to survive and thrive, MGAs need to be adopting agile methods of innovation.
The session will explain the principles of agile delivery techniques, and how this has delivered drastic improvements in product creation within the world of software. It will then outline how these principles are being adopted in other industries – including insurance – and how this is driving much quicker and more successful innovation within the industry.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, attendees will:
•    Understand the basic principles and benefits of agile delivery
•    Have learned how these principles are being adopted by other industries
•    Be made aware of ways in which insurers and MGAs are utilising these methodologies for business benefits
•    Be able to list 3 key steps to put in place in order to begin to innovate in a more agile manner

WEBINAR.  The Impact of COVID19: Considerations for Recovery
SPEAKERS: Sara Ager, CEO, GreenKite Associates & Partner - McCarthy Denning ; Sam White, CEO & Founder, Freedom Services Group ; Peter Goodman, Co-Founder & CEO, Aventus
Thursday 18 June 2020
Join the panel of Sara Ager, Sam White and Peter Goodman for this interactive webinar.
Much focus is being given to the impact of Covid19 on insurers. This panel will recap on how the Insurance Industry has reacted to the Pandemic and will look beyond insurers to see what the impact of Covid19 may be for MGAs.
The panel will discuss the current position of MGAs as we see relaxing of COVID19 restrictions. They will talk about the “new normal” and will cover the increased expectations of consumers and why customer experience is going to be key in recovery.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session delegates will:
1.    Understand some of the less obvious implications of the current pandemic on the industry
2.    Be aware of the new types of technology that are expected by customers in the New Normal
3.    Understand why customer-experience is key for MGAs and how customer confidence is essential as the business recovers.
4.    Have heard several views on COVID19 recovery and practical solutions to support digitisation.

WEBINAR.  Brokers’ Exposure to Professional Negligence Claims arising from the Coronavirus Pandemic – How to Support your Broker Network
SPEAKERS: Sam Moore, Robert Lloyd and Imran Benson
Thursday 11 June 2020
This session will look at the steps that could help mitigate or reduce the prospect of professional negligence claims successfully being made against brokers as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  These are steps that could help mitigate brokers’ exposure to allegations including that: (a) the policyholder does not have the cover they required or thought they had; or (b) there has been a failure by a broker that has compromised the cover that would have been in place but for that failure.  

A natural consequence of this objective being achieved could, in a number of cases, although not all of them, be to reduce the scope for claims against insurers.  That is because the liability of the insurer and the broker is dependent upon the answer to the same question - what cover does a policy in fact provide?  

Learning Objectives
The overarching learning objectives are:
1.  Exploring the current context in which the insurance industry is operating and understanding the positions of the FCA, Lloyds and the Association of British Insurers. 
2.  Understanding the extent of Policy Coverage through a discussion of case law relating to policy coverage matters, including examples of how courts in Hong Kong have dealt with business interruption claims in light of the SARS epidemic.
3.  Considering brokers’ obligations pre and post policy inception by reference to cases decided by the courts, whilst looking at causation / loss issues.
4.  Understanding the practical steps that could be taken by MGAs to help their broker network comply with their obligations pre and post policy inception, including in relation to how they respond to claims.

WEBINAR.  COVID-19:  Impact on the claims industry
SPEAKERS: Andrew Sewell, UK Technical Director and Charlotte Harrison, Senior Business Development Manager
Wednesday 3 June 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in challenges in the claims handling space; teams are remote working, new types of claims are emerging from Claims Management Companies and customers are becoming more critical of the insurance industry and products they purchase. In this webinar Gallagher Bassett discuss the claims handling strategies adapted during this time and consider how MGAs can best protect themselves and their customers.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session delegates will:
1.    Understand the implication of the current pandemic on claims costs across the industry
2.    Be aware of the new types of claims that are expected over the horizon
3.    Understand why customer centricity is key for MGAs and how brand confidence can be protected through the claims handling process
4.    Have learnt about beneficial claims management strategies

WEBINAR.  Extreme Weather Events: Understanding the risk to the MGA Market
SPEAKER: Jonathan Guard , Director Commercial Lines Insurance, UK&I, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Thursday 28 May 2020
Commercial MGAs can learn about how the industry can gain a clearer picture of the risk posed by extreme weather events, including perils like subsidence, storm, flood and fire, and understand how data and technology can change how this risk is mapped and assessed.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session delegates will:
- Understand the impact that climate change is having on how the market assesses property risk.
- Learn how the role of the general insurance / reinsurance markets has changed.
- Look at how data and technology are changing perils risk assessment at point of quote.
- Be able to demonstrate how data and models are being used in this type of risk assessment.

In association with

WEBINAR.  Stakeholder management when trading performance is expected to deteriorate
SPEAKERS: Bradley Chadwick, Partner; Andrew Charters, Partner; Rob Bayliss, Director
Thursday 21 May 2020
While much focus is being given to the impact of Covid-19 on insurers, at Grant Thornton UK LLP we are looking beyond insurers to see what the impact of Covid-19 may be for MGAs. We have discussed our thoughts with MGAs, Lenders to MGAs and PE fund owners of MGAs and are sharing some insights on what the financial implications may be, how best to mitigate the downside risk and engage with your key stakeholders.

Join a panel of Grant Thornton UK LLP’s finance professionals in discussing the likely concerns of particular MGA stakeholders (employees, the FCA, Lenders, equity holders, capacity providers and affiliated brokers and third party administrators). The webinar will include a discussion on the practical methods and tools used by restructuring professionals to understand the current position of the MGAs business and to prepare for meetings with these stakeholders.

Tools that will be discussed and covered include:
•    Independent business reviews
•    Integrated three statement models
•    Short term cash flow forecasts

Grant Thornton will then wrap the call up with a brief overview of Directors & Officers responsibilities in a downturn scenarios.

Learning objectives:
1.    What is an independent business review, who is it used by and what is the value in it?
2.    What is an integrated three statement model? Why is it important? How is it prepared?
3.    What is a short term cash flow forecast? How is it prepared?
4.    What are Directors & Officers responsibilities in the zone of insolvency.

Webinar - MGA business opportunities in the MEASA region post COVID-19
Speakers: Ali Hassan , Senior Representative for Europe and North America, DIFC Authority;  Nicholas Hales , Director, Kay International

Date: Tuesday, 12 May 2020
The session will cover the long term economic factors impacting insurance business opportunities in the MEASA region, an analysis of business trends and emerging opportunities and commentary on the legal and regulatory landscape in DIFC relevant to MGA business models. Kay International will provide practitioner insight into their experience of operating a MGA in the Centre.

Learning Objectives:
1.    Understand economic factors impacting insurance business in the MEASA region
2.    Learn about current insurance trends and emerging opportunities
3.    Gain knowledge of the legal and regulatory landscape in DIFC and how MGA business models can operate in the jurisdiction.

About DIFC:
DIFC was established in 2004 with the aim of becoming a leading global financial hub. DIFC is now the largest financial and professional services hub in the MEASA region and ranked 12th  globally. DIFC is home to over a 100 regional and global insurance related companies including direct carriers, MGAs, syndicates and Insurtechs within an overall community of over 2,400 companies.

Chartered Status for Managing General Agents
Date: Monday 4 May 2020
The MGAA and the CII are delighted to invite you to a webinar to tell you all about the launch of the new professional designation for Managing General Agents: Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agents.
The new title is available for both individuals and firms who meet the criteria, and sets the standard for professionalism in the sector.
In this webinar you will hear Melissa Collett , Professional Standards Director, CII, who will speak about the Chartered ethos, the sector’s professional journey and the benefits and criteria for achieving Corporate Chartered Status, followed by a Q&A.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
- Summarise the Chartered ethos
- Explain the benefits and criteria on how to achieve the new Chartered designation for both Corporates and individuals
- Describe how the CII supports businesses and individuals in their professional development


COVID-19 - Keeping data safe and secure while remote
SpeakersIan Sutcliffe, Rob Spiegelhalter, Jamie Beardsworth, Chris Bester
Date: Friday 1 May 2020

• Understand risks and challenges with data security while working remotely
• Hear about strategies and solutions to keep data safe and secure
• Learn about technology aimed specifically at insurance investigation data security

Ian Sutcliffe and The Cotswold Group team will discuss the challenges and risks the insurance industry faces around data security with the Covid-19 crisis, particularly with so many people working remotely from home. They will help you understand the risks faced, present some solutions and technology that will assist, giving experiences from the insurance investigation world where data security and confidentiality is paramount.

Learning Objectives:

Delegates attending the session will be able to:
1. Better understand the potential risks when handling data when working remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.
2. Talk with knowledge and understanding about strategies and solutions to address the risks and protect reputation
3. Understand some of the solutions implemented in the insurance investigation world to maintain confidentiality and data security

Webinar: The FCA Business Plan - A Compliant MGA Perspective
Speaker:  Kenneth Underhill , Director
Wednesday 29 April 2020
Every year, the FCA release their annual business plan in early April. It sets the scene for the regulatory road map for MGAs for the year to come and often beyond that.

Previous plans have signalled the onset of regulatory changes including the Insurance Distribution Directive, Senior Managers & Certification Regime and the reviews into pricing and vulnerable customers amongst many other changes.

Hidden within the 2018/9 and 2019/20 plans have also been the initial signals on value measures, vulnerable customers and culture, none of which appear yet to be at the end of the diagnostic cycle.

Kenneth Underhill will look at the 2020/1 FCA Business Plan and consider what the reality means for MGAA members, using previous plans and outcomes as examples.

Learning Objectives:
Members will have a clear understanding of what the 2020/1 FCA Business Plan means for their firm and the actions they will need to take to begin planning within their Regulatory and Compliance teams and ensure their business is prepared for any likely actions, information requests and changes that are implemented.

Webinar:  How COVID-19 shapes the future
Speaker: Adrian Blidarus, CEO and Founder
Thursday 23 April 2020
It has taken us decades to consider giving up the classical signature. Suddenly, the situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic requires us to even give up on paper records. The gains are significant, for both sides: for organisations, they are measured in processing speed, and for consumers in the convenience of solving various problems from the comfort of their home.

At the same time, digital transformation is not a new topic. But how will the post-pandemic business landscape accelerate this vision and deliver it to day-to-day practice in Insurance and the MGA business?

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
  - Have a clearer understanding of how the paradigm of the old way of doing business is being shaped by the coronavirus crisis.
  - Have explored and will be able to recognise how customer experience will drive digital transformation.
  - Be able to identify portals, platforms, channels and systems that deliver on post-pandemic customer expectations.

Webinar. Optimising Mental Wellbeing
Ian Sutcliffe, Director, Valentis Advisory  and Harry Bliss, Director, Champion Health
Date:  Friday 17 April 2020
Ian Sutcliffe and Harry Bliss will discuss the mental health and wellbeing challenge we all face during the COVID-19 crisis. 

They will help you to understand the mental health risks we may face and how to optimise our mental wellbeing during a time of such change, how to spot the warning signs of friends, family or colleagues who may be suffering or be in crisis and how to support them and, how work healthily from home in difficult circumstances.
Valentis Advisory
Champion Heath
Learning Objectives
Delegates attending the session will be able to:
1.  Better understand the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our mental health and the practical steps we can all take to optimise our wellbeing.
2.  Identify and support friends, family and colleagues who may be struggling during the difficult time through loneliness, financial pressures or trying to work at home with their partner and home school at the same time.
3.  Understand some of the health risks of working from home and take practical steps to improve their overall wellbeing.

Webinar.  COVID-19: You, Your Business and Your people - a webinar discussing Government Help, Financial Incentives and Motivation
PKF - John Needham,Partner - Transaction Services; Steve Goderski, Partner - Restructuring; Chris Riley, Partner - Tax
GreenKite - Sara Ager, CEO; Paul Leach, HR & OD Director, Karen Graves, Founding Member and Chair

Date: Wednesday 8 April 2020
During this time, businesses need as much help, support and advice as possible.  The MGAA is organising an online webinar exclusively for its members with the help of GreenKite and PKF Littlejohn to highlight key topics that businesses need to be aware of.  

The situation is very fluid at the moment and as such we want to ensure that the topics covered are as up to date as possible.  However topics could include; funding options, deferring tax, cash flow management, furloughed employees, other employee considerations and operational risks. 

Therefore the MGAA invite you to join our webinar where you will hear from Sara Ager from GreenKite with John Needham from PKF Littlejohn, as the main speakers, and have the opportunity to ask questions.    If you would like to submit a question prior to the session please send here.

Learning Objectives
Delegates joining the session will:
1. Understand the current support available to businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Appreciate how government initiatives may be able to help their own business
3. Identify schemes available for their employees and colleagues.

Chartered status for Managing General Agents

Date:  Monday 2 March 2020
Location:  Old Library, Lloyd's, One Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA

The MGAA and the CII are delighted to invite you to the launch of the new professional designation for Managing General Agents: Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agents. 

The new title is available for both individuals and firms who meet the criteria, and sets the standard for professionalism in the sector.

In this short lunchtime event you will hear:
Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director, CII
Peter Staddon, Managing Director, MGAA
Steve Jenkins, Development Director, CII
Melissa will speak about the Chartered ethos and the sector’s professional journey, with Peter giving his views on the MGAA’s vision for the sector.  The benefits and criteria for achieving Corporate Chartered Status will be outlined by Steve, followed by a Q&A.

MGAA General Meeting
Date:  Tuesday 18 February 2020
Location:  Old Library, Lloyd's, One Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA
The 2020 MGAA General Meeting took place on Tuesday 18th February 2020 in the Old Library at Lloyd's.


Operating your MGA business from Guernsey
Date: 4 February 2020
Venue: ACORD Auditorium
Speakers:  Dominic Wheatley , CEO Guernsey Finance; Richard Tee , CEO Avantis; Jo Stoddart , CEO Locate Guernsey

MGAs often comment that the UK regulator misunderstands how they work and the huge benefit they bring to the UK markets, Guernsey Finance comment that MGAs should be looking for a regulator who both understands and welcomes new innovation.  Consequently if this is you then you should consider the huge benefits of operating your MGA business from Guernsey.

With over 1,000 Finance professionals such as fund managers, actuaries, lawyers and accountants this long established insurance hub has close historic links with the London Insurance market.  Guernsey also offers a uniquely responsive and supportive location for international insurance business

Dominic Wheatley, CEO Guernsey Finance, will outline the business environment and explain how MGAs can benefit from the Guernsey environment
Richard Tee, CEO Avantis, will explore how the Guernsey environment is a boost for MGA business
Jo Stoddart, CEO Locate Guernsey, will outline the benefits of locating to Guernsey

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
•    Explore the benefits of the Guernsey Insurance market
•    Understand the Guernsey regulatory environment and how that differs from the UK FCA
•    Explore the Island culture, leading to a greater business environment
•    Understand the benefits of an Island location

The Future at Lloyd’s: what it means for coverholders
Speaker: Paul Brady, Head of Policyholder and Third Party Oversight, Lloyds'
Date:  Wednesday 29 January 2020
Location:  ACORD Auditorium, 8th Floor 1 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AA

Paul Brady will provide an update on:

The Future at Lloyd’s; market performance; working culture; and local regulatory and compliance challenges.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the event, delegates will:

  • have a greater understanding of how the Future at Lloyd’s relates to delegated authority partners that work or are seeking to work with Lloyd’s;
  • understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive working culture in attracting the best talent;
  • gain insight into the continued focus on market performance;
  • come away with more knowledge about regulatory issues and what Lloyd’s can do to help.


Please accept our apologies - there is some interference on the recording.