2018 MGAA Podcasts

GDPR in practice

10 April 2018

As we get closer to GDPR  implementation, there is a lot of information out there about the new regime, but not enough about what this means in practice and the steps organisations should be taking to prepare. There is a lack of real guidance about how to interpret the requirements of the GDPR for how we operate in our industry. In our Shape & Share session we aim to help you interpret those requirements and to guide you through the process of how to work towards compliance.

Managing Currency Risks for MGAs - AFEX

The Brexit vote saw Sterling fall 20%, a move that benefitted MGAA members. Since Jan 2017 Sterling has rallied 17% against the Dollar with the last 6% gain taking place in Jan 2018 alone. Attending this briefing will help you understand why the Pound has retraced so much, consider if this move is likely to continue and outline what you can do to protect your business from this volatility.

26 February 2018

The Talent Conundrum:  the Apprenticeship Key

Hear from the experts: learn how to ensure your Apprenticeship programme fully supports your business strategy. Make the most of the opportunities presented by the Apprenticeship Levy and understand the funding model when your paybill is less than £3m.

A Senior Representative from the National Apprenticeship Service will talk about why you should have apprenticeships and the Government strategy for the future of the UK’s talent.
Steve Jenkins from the Chartered Insurance Institute will explain the CII guidance, sharing best practice and apprenticeship standards.

5 February 2018

Making it easier for Coverholders in London to do business

21 March 2018
This session will provide delegates with information on:  
- An introduction to TOM for Coverholders  
- Overview of DA Initiative  
- DA Risk Standards  
- Risk Standards and Market Business Glossary Demo  
- DA SATs overview  
- Charles Taylor Tide Demo  
- Q&A Session
21 March 2018

MGAA General Meeting

Members attended the General Meeting of the MGAA, at which the Report and Accounts and revised articles of association were approved.

Directors representing Full Members were confirmed as: Karen Beales, Catherine Bell, Mark Birrell, Marco Del Carlo, Charles Earle, Charles Manchester, Jonathan Skinner and Jeff Turner.  Keith Stern was confirmed as the Director representing Supplier Members and Bill O’Malley as the Director representing the Market Practitioner members on the board. The Directors provided reports on the achievements and plans of the standing Committees and the Managing Director spoke about future plans.

21 February 2018

MGAs 2018, MGAs 2028 - What does the future look like and how ready are you for it?

The presentation will explore the immediate and future effects of developments in data protection, employment and insurance regulatory law for MGAs, and the impact of technology on insurance services. The insurance industry is transforming at an ever-increasing rate, which introduces a new array of progressive challenges for businesses to tackle.

22 January 2018

Selling Cyber to SME Clients - Tokio Marine Kiln

12 March 2018

Paul Gooch, Cyber Underwriter at Tokio Marine Kiln presented to members on selling cyber to SME Clients.

The presentation aims to clarify exactly what "cyber risk " means in a business context, breaking the issue down into four key areas:
- What can go wrong
- How it goes wrong
- How it impacts businesses
- How insurance can help

12 March 2018

MGAA Chrysalis Launch & Blockchain Event

In conjunction with Market Minds, MGAA Chrysalis hosted "A Blockchain Reality".  This event presented the operational opportunities for incumbents as well as the emerging risk presented by crypto currently.  It showcased the most exciting startups entering the insurance market with blockchain offerings, as well as the most impressive London market initiatives to date.

7 February 2018