2019 MGAA Podcasts


Monday 4 March 2019
Old Library, Lloyd's
Technology offers opportunities to significantly reduce the costs of claims handling, save time and increase customer satisfaction levels.
In this session Qlaims and Sightcall will outline how live video streaming, gig economy ‘Responders’ and drones are being used by MGA’s, Loss Adjusters and Insurers to improve claims processes.
There will be a business card prize draw for a Qlaimstech Drone.
Learning Objectives
By the end of the event after 45 minutes of presentations and questions, delegates will have a clear understanding of how:
1. new claims processing solutions working with InsurTech can meet the challenges of increasing customer demands within the digital age;
2. to reduce costs in claims processing and;
3. to radically reduce the claim cycle. 

MGAA General Meeting
Tuesday 19 February
Old Library, Lloyd's

Members attended the General Meeting of the MGAA, at which the Report and Accounts, revised Articles of Association and revised Code of Ethics were approved.

Directors representing Full Members were confirmed as: Catherine Bell, Mark Birrell, Marco Del Carlo, Charles Earle, Gary Humphreys, Charles Manchester, Jonathan Skinner and Jeff Turner.  Keith Stern was confirmed as the Director representing Supplier Members and Bill O’Malley as the Director representing the Market Practitioner members on the board. The Directors provided reports on the achievements and plans of the standing Committees and the Managing Director spoke about future plans.

19 February 2019

Can Captive Insurers add value to MGAs?
Monday 11 February 2019
Old Library, Lloyd's
A Captive is a special purpose insurance vehicle, that can provide unique coverage not available in the commercial insurance markets. An MGA with its own Captive vehicle, can give the MGA the ability to retain profitable risk, better negotiate in the reinsurance market, and design and control an insurance program tailored to its specific needs. 

Learning Objectives 

(a) What a ‘Captive' is and how it works; 
(b) Types of Captives; 
(c) The advantages and disadvantages of a Captive to an MGA. 


Skin in the Game.  The Use of Risk Retention Vehicles to participate in the underwriting profit of your MGA
Monday 4 February 2019
Old Library, Lloyd's

Deloitte and the Robus Group have many years of experience in guiding MGAs and others in the insurance distribution chain when it comes to the use of risk retention vehicles to enhance control, stability and accessing a share of the underwriting profitability of their business. Drawing on Deloitte’s experience in guiding you through the considerations when establishing a risk retention vehicle, as well as the service offering of Robus in managing ongoing vehicles, the session will provide MGAs with an introduction to the options available and how to interpret these against their own business goals and targets.

Learning Objecitves:

  • Introducing the concept of Risk Retention vehicles and their use
  • What factors a firm should consider when selecting between different types of vehicle and jurisdictions
  • The establishment and maintenance requirements of the different vehicle types
  • The roles of the establishment advisor and Insurance Manager
Unfortunately there is no recording available for this session but the slides are available here .

Monday 28 January 2019
In December 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its response to the Citizens Advice super-complaint about what has become known as the ‘loyalty penalty’.  The FCA has itself already started work on the issue and made clear it will take action, “including price interventions where appropriate”.  There seems little doubt the CMA and FCA both believe the super-complaint warrants more detailed investigation and possible action.

Learning objectives:
Kenneth Underhill will look at these issues with examples, set out how they may affect your firm and provide you with a clear understanding of the key actions your firm can take to ensure you are prepared for whatever next steps the FCA may consider appropriate.