2015 MGAA Podcasts

Applicco - Procurement, Management and Monitoring of Claims Service Providers
24 November 2015

In July 2015 the MGAA published a best practice guideline covering the procurement and management of outsourced claims handling services.  The guidelines set out the principles, risks and processes covering all aspects relating to working with external claims service providers, including minimum standards and the appropriate procedures to put in place to meet recognised best practice and regulatory requirements.

This briefing is intended to support the MGAA guideline document.

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Insly - Main perils and opportunities in modern MGA product distribution
23 September 2015
"London is in a good position to create digitally borne insurer"
In the 1600s, Edward Lloyd made sure that his coffee house had the best and most information to offer. Today, the reality is that the London insurance market is operating with a surprisingly low amount of information. We will present our vision on how all this can be changed.
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Professionalism and Attracting Diverse Talent

Chair: Paula Doolan -  Crawford & Company
Panel: Barbara Schonhofer - Jacobson Group; 
Barbara Merry - iWIN; Frank Funnell - The Brokerage; 
Rahim Ali – OIM; Reg Brown - Chair MGAA

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The Dark Art of Subsidence
Sne Patel, Crawford & Company, presented on Subsidence at the MGAA 1 day Conference on 1 July 2015.

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HSB Engineering:  Cyber Solutions for SME Customers

18 May 2015

HSB Engineering look at how demand for cyber insurance is likely to be driven in the SME sector and what the exposures are.


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Wildnet Ptarmigan: Fund-
ing the present without
compromising the future

9 March 2015

When the pressure is on to deliver on your business plan and reduce the time to profitability, infrastructure issues can often take a back seat but IT has a key role to play in facilitating your growth. 


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Duncan Minty: Conduct Risk - Helping MGAs to manage their exposure

12 January 2015
Duncan Minty, Business Ethics Specialist and Chartered Insurance Practitioner, looked at what MGAs should do in relation to business conduct, including explaining what conduct risk is.
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Ambant & Opus Underwriting Services - Intellectual Property Protection
5 November 2015

Ambant Underwriting Services’ new CEO, Chris Butcher, introduces one of AUS’s 11 uniquely different clients, Opus Underwriting.  Opus provide insurance coverage for infringement of intellectual property rights, a growing area of risk exposure to developing and creative businesses operating in the knowledge society.

Sam Bobo, the MD of Opus Underwriting, will outline why it’s so important for both small and large businesses to understand their IP risk and protect their business.

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Lorega Solutions - Adjuster as Claims Presenter.  Turning to the dark side or seeing the light?
9 September 2015

Angus Tucker, Managing Director, Lorega Solutions looks at the growing trend of Chartered Loss Adjusters acting for policyholders.

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Professional Indemnity
Julian Smart, Partner, presented on Professional Indemnity at the MGAA 1 day Conference on 1 July 2015.

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Abbey Legal Protection & LHS Solicitors:  Bonfires of red tape and the unexpected consequences of change
17 June 2015

Abbey Legal Protection and LHS Solicitors provide essential guidance for insurance businesses navigating a shifting employment law landscape. 

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PKF Littlejohn: The March Budget and beyond

27 April 2015

PKF Littlejohn provide an update on the key measures of the budget as they affect MGAs and also areas of current topical interest for MGAs both now and in the foreseeable future.


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MGAA General Meeting February 2015

23 February 2015
Members attended the General Meeting where the Report and Accounts and revised Articles of Association were approved. Bill O’Malley was welcomed as a director representing Market Practitioner members. 

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BLM - Chronic Pain:  a chronic problem
20 October 2015
Claims in this area are on the increase. They can be expensive and difficult. BLM provide an insight into this topic with an overview of the various manifestations of chronic pain, the issues and costs associated with litigation, and the tactics and strategies for MGAs to adopt in the successful defence of these claims based on their wide experience of handling chronic pain cases. 
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Flood Re - Changing the face of flood insurance
14 July 2015

Brendan McCafferty, CEO, provides an overview of Flood Re, its objectives, and how it will work.

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Do Delegated Authorities matter and deliver value to the insurance market?
Chair: Sian Fisher
Panel: Simon Green - FCA; Peter Montanaro - Lloyd's; 
James Weatherstone - Arch Insurance; Chris Hardcastle - Arthur J Gallagher; Mark Thompson - Cunningham Lindsey, Charles Manchester - Manchester Underwriting Management Limited

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SSP:  Profitable growth, your way

3 June 2015

SSP look at the challenges ahead for commercial insurers and provide insight into the options available. 


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Clyde & Co:  Regulatory and Corporate Issues

25 March 2015
A presentation given by Clyde & Co to the MGAA covering an update on regulatory issues of relevance to MGAs including Terms of Business Agreements.

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Financial Ombudsman Service: Tomorrow's World - Today

9 February 2015 
Caroline Mitchell, of the Financial Ombudsman Service, gave a presentation titled 'Tomorrow's World - Today', which gave an overview of the FIS's plans for the coming year and beyond.

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