2017 MGAA Podcasts

Potential pitfalls of online underwriting platforms under the Insurance Act:  A case study
Clyde & Co LLP

The recent case of Dalecroft Properties v Underwriters Subscribing [2017] provides a useful illustration as to how a Court might approach the avoidance of a policy and declinature of a claim under the 2015 Insurance Act.  In particular, the case involved a MGA and the use of an on-line underwriting platform to insure a large property in Margate which was subsequently destroyed by a fire and resulted in a claim.

The speaker worked on the case and will provide a useful insight into how the Court approached cross examination at trial.  We will discuss potential pitfalls which came to light during the case which may provide useful guidance for MGAs moving forwards who rely on on-line underwriting platform and certain issues to be aware of when their systems are put to test under the new Act.

20 November 2017

The climate of insurance one year later after Trump election
Resnick & Louis, P.C.

Mitchell Resnick of Resnick & Louis, P.C. spoke about:
-How the Trump administration has viewed and treated the insurance industry thus far, and potential paths going forward.  
-Will trade between USA and UK impact the Lloyds market.
-How the Trump administration views regulatory enforcement, and will it impact the insurance industry.
-Will the efforts to remove and replace the Affordable Care Act have an impact on other types of insurance.  
-Will the Trump administration have any impact on tort reform.
-How the Trump administration views cybersecurity issues and will it impact the cyber insurance industry.

6 November 2017


Senior Managers & Certification Regime
Compliance Management Services

The session focused on a summary of the FCA’s proposals to extend the senior managers and certification regime as detailed in its latest consultation paper (CP17/25) and how this is likely to impact MGA’s.  The session was aimed at members which will fall into the FCA’s ‘core’ regime.  
Susan Reeves ACII, is a Consultant at Compliance Management Services Ltd (CMS), a firm of City-based independent compliance consultants and advisers to the MGAA. CMS provides expert assistance to intermediaries in connection with general insurance regulation. Susan has over 20 years’ experience in compliance in the intermediary sector and has a particular interest in culture and governance.

5 October 2017

MGAA Conference 2017
Opening Address

Charles Manchester - Chairman MGAA, and Roger Bickmore - Strategic Development Director, Tokio Marine Kiln, officially openined the Managing General Agents' Association's Third Annual Conference and Capacity Exchange on Tuesday 4th July 2017.


MGAA 2017 Conference - Keynote Address
Stephen Catlin, XL Catlin

Stephen Catlin, until recently, Executive Deputy Chairman of XL Catlin, was the keynote speaker at the Managing General Agents’ Association’s third annual conference and capacity exchange on Tuesday, 4th July.

Catlin, an insurance market veteran of over 40 years, addressed representatives of managing general agents (MGAs), capacity providers and suppliers at the event. He shared his experience and the insight gained from establishing and growing the market-leading underwriting business that shares his name, while also highlighting the importance of professionalism in the MGA sector.
4th July 2017

Making Cyber Personal
UK General

Cybercrime is one of the hottest stories in the media.

In the UK, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported 5.6 million incidents of fraud and cybercrime last year. Insurers have responded to cybercrime in the commercial and SME sector, developing a new line of business considered to have great growth potential. Often overlooked, cyber insurance for the individual and their family is a significant untapped opportunity too.

As well as risks from fraudsters after their cash, other risks include online bullying, the loss of memories, damage to connected devices and online/media liability. UK General Insurance, specialist personal lines provider, together with cyber market specialists Munich Re, will discuss the changing face of insurance and explore the application of cyber liability to the personal lines market. 

16 June 2017

Demystifing Analytics and Data Warehousing for MGAS
GIROUX Limited

Giroux will cut through the hype surrounding analytics to help you plan for a data-driven future.  By going back to the fundamentals, Giroux will explain what data warehousing and analytics is, why it is important and how it can be beneficial for MGAs of all sizes.

4 April

Key HR & Director Issues:  How not to be an Ostrich ..... or be left holding the baby
Kennedys Law LLP

Matthew Leake (Partner) provides practical pointers on how to avoid common pitfalls in the management of employees, such as poor performance, disciplinary issues and ill health, and points to help ensure compliance with the law and good practice.

Jenny Boldon (Partner) and Alexandra Nurse (Senior Associate) talk about the pitfalls of being a director and how to ensure directors/ owners of a business comply with their duties and do not leave themselves exposed to claims.  The session also covers recent trends in D&O.
13 March 2017

Lloyd's Coverholder & Policy Protection Update

Paul Brady, Head of Policyholder & Third Party Oversight at Lloyd's provides an overview of the current Lloyd's Coverholder initiatives.

30 January 2017

GDPR:  The next PPI?

GIROUX held a breakfast briefing on 8th November for MGAA Members.

Key speaker was Eddie Lawson, a highly respected Legal advisor and risk and compliance professional, with over 16 years’ experience within the industry, advising both start-ups and established businesses within the UK and US. 

Eddie provided an introduction into approaching the General Data Protection Regulation. 
Eric Giroux discusses Giroux's data and analytics solution and how it can make GDPR easy.

8 November 2017

The issues affecting the cost of claims in 2018

Terry Renouf and Alistair Kinley of BLM consider and report on the issues that affect your claims, reserving and underwriting for 2017/18 and beyond. The session will cover: - Discount Rate: the Government Consults but will it change the negative rate? How will it do so? And when? - Jackson 2.0: Beyond Casualty - Fixed Recoverable Costs are recommended for all cases up to £100k. How will lawyers react? What are the likely changed behaviours? When will change happen? What of the digital Court? - Whiplash Reform: Tariff damages, an increase in the small claims track and a ban on pre-med offers. Judicial Reviews, Parliamentary ambush, litigants in person, claims displacement. The what, when and how of further reform for injury claims - Fraud: In August the Government reviewed progress against the Insurance Fraud Taskforce Recommendations. Where has there been progress? What remains to be done and where are the new areas of fraud?

16 October 2017


FCA Open Door Meeting The FCA spoke to MGAA members on their current consultation papers on SMCR and the IDD and answered questioned raised by the audience.
The slides from this event are available on the link.

Grow your own Insurer
Price Bailey Wealth Solutions

To be successful, an MGA needs to out perform their capacity provider’s “normal” book. As well as excellent risk selection and underwriting discipline this increasingly involves superior claims management and policy administration. As a result, many MGAs are already virtual insurers; adding risk capacity is the logical next step.
Solly Bourne from Price Bailey will show you how to use Guernsey’s innovative and flexible corporate structures to share risk with existing capacity providers, taking advantage of the current market conditions to minimise risk whilst steadily growing the business from small reinsurer to meaningful capacity provider.

26 September 2017

MGAA 2017 Conference - Panel Discussion
Evolution of an MGA: survival of the fittest

From start up to fully fledged virtual insurer, from private ownership to private equity; in recent years we've witnessed ‎a series of evolutions in the MGA space.

This panel debates the lifecycle /stages / evolution of an MGA talking through setting one up, growing organically, by acquisition, investment, looking for succession or exit.

Chair: Michael Mendelowitz, Head of Legal and Compliance, ERGO
Panel: Jason Anthony, Founder MGAM Limited; Karen Beales, MD UK General; Olly Laughton-Scott, Partner IMAS; David Howden, CEO Hyperion

4th July 2017

Wordings:  New Horizons and Emerging Risks
EC3 Legal

The modern world provides constant challenges for the insurance industry.  Whether this is from the point of view of regulation, legislation or emerging and changing risks across all classes of business.  How does this affect your contract wordings?  Are you up to date with regulatory requirements?  Are your contracts compliance and fit for purpose?

This briefing takes a look at some of the important considerations faced by the insurance industry from a wordings perspective and provides examples of pitfalls and common issues to bear in mind.


23 May 2017

Supercharge your premium income overnight

John Price, COO at SchemeServe presented on how to supercharge your premium income overnight.  He covered areas including how to:
•Identify the key money makers for your business.
•Stop the sabbotage that's happing in your business today, even if you know it is.
•Ensure you have the tools to be able to significantly boost your sales.
•Properly care about your customers.
•Understand a one size fits most policy doesn't work.
27 March 2017

Solving Conduct Risk Management - Appeasing the Regulator

EC3 Consultants together with Markit Systems presented a session on Conduct Risk Management.

The FCA expects Conduct Risk Management to be fully embedded in the day-to-day business and culture of all financial services firms. EC3 Consultants have come together with their technology partner, Markit Systems, and developed a Conduct Risk Management solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the intermediary business. This solution ensures practical adherence with FCA guidance and complies with the Senior Insurance Managers Regime.

6 March 2017

IT Procurement for MGAs - Top Tips.  Browne Jacobson LLP

The session looked at best practice for the procurement of IT by MGAs from a legal standpoint across the transaction lifecycle, from preparing for and structuring the initial procurement, to negotiation of contracts, to contract governance and eventual exit.  The presenters highlighted some of the potential pitfalls, sharing some of their own experiences and "war stories", and look at the challenges being posed by more recent developments, including cloud technologies in the light of the FCA's recent guideance on this subject.

16 January 2017

IPIDs - are you ready?
Browne Jacobson LLP

From February 2018 onwards, all consumer policyholders must be provided with an Insurance Product Information Document ("IPID") in relation to all new insurance contracts.  The IPID must follow a standardised format and must contain certain information about what is and isn't covered, key exclusions and the term of the policy and cancellation provisions.  Tim Johnson, Partner at Browne Jacobson considers the following.

  • the impact of IPIDs on MGAs
  • what to consider when deciding what to include (or not include) in the IPID
  • regulatory considerations
  • what steps you need to take before implementation

7 November 2017

Product Development for MGAs
Grant Thornton

Mark Davies, Jonathan Houston and specialists from Grant Thornton’s General Insurance Regulatory team facilitated a ‘shape and share’ session focused on what ‘good’ product development looks like for an MGA from a regulatory perspective.  It was a participative “shape and

share” workshop session and focused on what an MGA needs to do to get product development right first time in key areas such as:
- defining roles and responsibilities for product design and delivery
- product governance and management information
- target markets and customer understanding
- vulnerable customers
- product stress testing
- pricing fairness, data and innovation
- distribution chain - management and value

11 October 2017

Preparing for the GDPR
DAC Beachcroft

Jade Kowalski from DAC Beachcroft will talk through how your organisation can best prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation and give an update on the UK Data Protection Act (DPA).

12 September 2017

MGAA 2017 Conference - Panel Discussion
The InsureTech Revolution:  What does it mean for MGAs

At the inaugural InsureTech Connect Conference last year, leading commentators cast doubt on the idea of InsureTechs becoming carriers, suggesting they are better off starting out as MGAs.

Who are the current avante garde disrupters? What does it take to start one and what does it mean for incumbent MGAs?

Chair: Mark Geoghegan, MD The Insurance Insider
Panel: Paolo Cuomo, Principal The Boston Consulting Group; Graham Elliott, CEO Azur Underwriting; Chris Lee-Smith, Global Head of Alternative Distributions, Argo Global; Andrew Rear, CEO Munich Re Digital Partners; Alan Thomas, CCO Simply Business

4th July 2017

Tax Update for MGAs
PKF Littlejohn

Chris Riley, Catherine Heyes and Luigi Lungarella provide members with an update on recent tax developments and also talk about Taxation issues with respect to the acquisition or disposal of MGAs.

2 May 2017

MGAA General Meeting

Members attended the General Meeting of the MGAA, at which the Report and Accounts and revised articles of association were approved.

Directors representing Full Members were confirmed as: Karen Beales, Catherine Bell, Mark Birrell, Charles Earle, Charles Manchester, Jonathan Skinner and Jeff Turner.  Keith Stern was confirmed as the Director representing Supplier Members and Bill O’Malley as the Director representing the Market Practitioner members on the board. The Directors provided reports on the achievements and plans of the standing Committees and the Managing Director spoke about future plans.

20 February 2017