2018 MGAA Podcasts


Escape of Water: the #1 priority
According to the ABI, tackling escalating escape of water claim costs is currently the top priority for the domestic property insurance market. This session outlines the reasons why escape of water claim costs and complexity continue to rise year-on-year. It examines the changing expectations customers have of their insurers and how developing trends in society, building practices and regulation are further complicating these claims. Above all, the session aims to highlight ways in which the insurance industry can bring escape of water claims costs under control. This includes a discussion of the key roles training, data and smart technology have to play going forward, as well as the potential influence disruptors in the tech space could have on traditional insurance business models. 

Learning objectives:
Delegates will be able to outline the key variables driving escalating escape of water claims and identify factors that could influence claims cost and complexity in the future.  They will also be able to list a range of strategies Insurers can adopt to tackle the problem, including using data and technology to improve risk mitigation, underwriting and claims management.

Slides and the Escape of Water report is available on the podcast link below.

26 November 2018
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Brexit - 21 weeks and counting !
At the BRexit Briefing held on 6th November 2018, the following updates were provided:-

FCA will outline their position with regarding to temporary permissions of EU passported in insurers

The LMG will provide:
1. An overview of the work that the LMG and LIIBA have done with Government and regulators;
2. How Brexit affects the placement of binding authorities in London;
3. How Brexit affects the distribution model for MGAAs;
4. A summary on where we are - Chequers and beyond.

The IUA will outline the position of insurance companies, where they are situated and what their processes are to maintain insurance coverage

Lloyd's will update members in relation to the current status of Lloyd's Brussels set up and their "on-target" for writing business commencing 1st January 2019.

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How will technology help MGAs to grow and innovate?

Pioneer, Moore Stephens and DA Strategy will share their thoughts on the future role of the MGA in the market and how technology can be used to grow business and reduce acquisition costs.

The topics will include product distribution, real-time data transfer and using “insurer hosted pricing” to extend your product portfolio.

20  June 2018

Digital Insurance 2.0 - The Age of Digital Insurance

At the heart of the digital age is a shift from Insurance 1.0 in the past to Digital Insurance 2.0 for the future. Insurance 1.0 business models of the past 50+ years have been based on the business assumptions, products, processes, and channels for a different generation of buyers.  Today, Millennials and Gen Z influence is growing and intensifying, significantly shifting the fundamental business models of all businesses, including insurance, by demanding the use of digital technologies and new products and services that align to their demographics, needs and expectations … creating Digital Insurance 2.0.  

30 April 2018

GDPR in practice

As we get closer to GDPR  implementation, there is a lot of information out there about the new regime, but not enough about what this means in practice and the steps organisations should be taking to prepare. There is a lack of real guidance about how to interpret the requirements of the GDPR for how we operate in our industry. In our Shape & Share session we aim to help you interpret those requirements and to guide you through the process of how to work towards compliance.

10 April 2018

Managing Currency Risks for MGAs - AFEX

The Brexit vote saw Sterling fall 20%, a move that benefitted MGAA members. Since Jan 2017 Sterling has rallied 17% against the Dollar with the last 6% gain taking place in Jan 2018 alone. Attending this briefing will help you understand why the Pound has retraced so much, consider if this move is likely to continue and outline what you can do to protect your business from this volatility.

26 February 2018

The Talent Conundrum:  the Apprenticeship Key

Hear from the experts: learn how to ensure your Apprenticeship programme fully supports your business strategy. Make the most of the opportunities presented by the Apprenticeship Levy and understand the funding model when your paybill is less than £3m.

A Senior Representative from the National Apprenticeship Service will talk about why you should have apprenticeships and the Government strategy for the future of the UK’s talent.
Steve Jenkins from the Chartered Insurance Institute will explain the CII guidance, sharing best practice and apprenticeship standards.

5 February 2018


A brief introduction to Loss Adjusting and Forensic Investigation

Drawing on decades of experience of handling a wide range of commercial insurance claims Mike, Darren and David will seek to provide background on the expertise required to investigate insurance claims using a case study to show how, working in partnership, loss adjusters and forensic scientists are able to get to the root of causation. The presentation will aim to provide a brief introduction to Loss Adjusting highlighting the role of the Loss Adjuster in claim investigations, how to identify fraud indicators and the work undertaken by Forensic Consultants in the claims process showing their investigation techniques.”

The learning objectives for this session are:

  • Introduction to Loss Adjusting
  • The role of the Loss Adjuster in claim investigations
  • How to identify fraud indicators
  • Work undertaken by Forensic Consultants in the claims process
  • Investigation techniques
12 November 2018
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BLM - Data Analytics & AI - Behind the Buzzwords

BLM is delighted to be hosting a session on data, analytics and artificial intelligence and how these tools can be used by MGAs. With the whole world talking about data and artificial intelligence, it can be hard to keep track of what is really possible. This session will cut through some of the buzzwords and give a clear overview of what analytics really is.

Specifically, the session will address:

Analytics vs reporting
• What is analytics and how can we use data to make forward looking predictions about what is likely to happen?
• How do analytics differ from reporting?
• We will discuss the place for both analytics and reporting - reporting to monitor and manage your business, and analytics to get ahead of what might happen, delivering better outcomes more quickly and with greater convenience.

Analytics for large volumes of data
• What is artificial intelligence and when is it useful?
• Building predictive models for volume data.
• Understanding the power and pitfalls of artificial intelligence.

Analytics for small volumes of data
• Just because you don’t have historic data doesn’t mean you can’t use analytics to make better decisions.
• Understanding what you can do to help make better predictions when only a relatively small amount of data is available.

What next?
• Leaving the door open to analytics

17 September 2018
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Senior Managers and Certification Regime

Gavin Stewart, Associate Director, joined Grant Thornton in 2016 after 27 years working in regulation (Bank of England, FSA, FCA), formerly the FCA’s Chief Risk Officer.
Gavin has been focusing on SMCR since the FCA consultation paper was published in July last year, worked with firms across several sectors, and he publishes regular blogs about SM&CR on LinkedIn, the last of which was about Jes Staley’s recent fine.
The presentation will cover the following:
1.         SM&CR’s main features
2.         How we got here
3.         What implementation will involve

6 June 2018

Cyber and cyber threats

This session provides an overview of cyber and cyber threats, regulatory expectations and a walkthrough of a typical attack pattern of a threat actor.
17 April 2018

Making it easier for Coverholders in London to do business

21 March 2018
This session will provide delegates with information on:  
- An introduction to TOM for Coverholders  
- Overview of DA Initiative  
- DA Risk Standards  
- Risk Standards and Market Business Glossary Demo  
- DA SATs overview  
- Charles Taylor Tide Demo  
- Q&A Session
21 March 2018

MGAA General Meeting

Members attended the General Meeting of the MGAA, at which the Report and Accounts and revised articles of association were approved.

Directors representing Full Members were confirmed as: Karen Beales, Catherine Bell, Mark Birrell, Marco Del Carlo, Charles Earle, Charles Manchester, Jonathan Skinner and Jeff Turner.  Keith Stern was confirmed as the Director representing Supplier Members and Bill O’Malley as the Director representing the Market Practitioner members on the board. The Directors provided reports on the achievements and plans of the standing Committees and the Managing Director spoke about future plans.

21 February 2018

MGAs 2018, MGAs 2028 - What does the future look like and how ready are you for it?

The presentation will explore the immediate and future effects of developments in data protection, employment and insurance regulatory law for MGAs, and the impact of technology on insurance services. The insurance industry is transforming at an ever-increasing rate, which introduces a new array of progressive challenges for businesses to tackle.

22 January 2018

Underwriting Drones - The Future of UAV Tech Legislation and Pricing

Partner Barney Winckler and Solicitor Stuart Farlow will talk about:
•    how civilian drone use is set to grow and change in the UK and internationally
•    how the law is changing in response
•    what insurance requirements different types of drone use will give rise to
•    how technology is changing underwriting for relevant product lines
•    the main implications for insurers in designing products and pricing risk for UAV use

26 September 2018
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Charles Manchester, MGAA Chairman, closed the 2018 MGAA Conference and Exhibition at the Hilton London Bankside Hotel on Thursday 12th July 2014.  He was followed by keynote speaker, Robert Hiscox.

Listen to their speaches on the link below.

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2018: The Here and Now

So what does it take to run an MGA in 2018? What are the key issues to businesses now and will MGAs continue to thrive in the current regulatory environment. This panel will be discussing a number of topical issues; from passporting into Europe, unrated Insurers, capacity; to M&A.  MGAs will have to deal with the lot, all while remaining focussed on their businesses. More and more, the challenge for MGAs will be standing out from the crowd in what is considered a competitive environment.
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Charles Manchester, MGAA Chairman, opened the 2018 MGAA Conference and Exhibition at the Hilton London Bankside Hotel on Thursday 12th July 2014.  He was followed by Grahame Chilton, CEO Gallagher UK.

Listen to their speaches on the link below.

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2028: The Future of Insurance
If we could step into a time machine and go forward to the year 2028, what would we find? How will InsurTech shape the market, and with the onset of artificial intelligence and increasing digitisation, what do we need to do to ensure MGAs keep pace with these changes? What are the risks that individuals and firms are likely to want to manage and mitigate through new forms of insurance in the future? Will our current challenges be reduced, and emerging risks like privacy, cyber hacking, data leaks, escalate? The panel will be discussing all of these issues, touching on innovation, diversity, new products, global influence and the challenges ahead in the next 10 years.
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MGAA Next Gen Panel Discussion - The #value of social media: friend or foe?
This interactive panel session, with speakers from across the industry, will discuss how social media can help to grow your business and the potential risks that could arise.
Topics will include:
   - the pros and cons of social media
   - the evidence of success
   - tips and tricks to get the most out of it
   - challenges to date and potential for reputational damage
   - what the future holds

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BRexit - Are you prepared?

Brexit terminates the possibility for UK MGA’s to provide insurance brokering services on the basis of an EU passport.  The alternative is to set up an EU based company that provides these services throughout the EU. But what is the most efficient location in the EU to set up business?

Five lawyers, from EU jurisdictions, present in a nutshell the pros and cons of establishing an MGA in their jurisdiction.
Paul Edmonson and Pippa Tasker from CMS UK, with ample experience on cross border issues, will provide their comments with a helicopter view from an UK perspective. Lloyd’s will provide an update on the Lloyd’s Brussels subsidiary and their next steps.

25 June 2018

Wholesale Market and IDD

The FCA wholesale review is currently ongoing and seeks to assess whether brokers use their bargaining power to get clients a good deal, if any conflicts of interest exist and how broker conduct affects competition. We also had the insurance distribution directive on the horizon which also looks at remuneration conflicts and clients best interests.

This briefing seeks to explore how the implementation of the IDD may be affected by outcomes of the Wholesale Review, how the IDD impacts on the market and in particular what this may mean for MGAs.  

In particular it will cover:
*  An overview of the conflicts, remuneration and disclosure elements of the IDD
*  How elements of the IDD impact on MGAs directly and indirectly
*  How the IDD might interact with other FCA activity
*  How firms can start to deal with some of the issues arising out of the IDD at a practical level

9 May 2018

Selling Cyber to SME Clients - Tokio Marine Kiln

12 March 2018

Paul Gooch, Cyber Underwriter at Tokio Marine Kiln presented to members on selling cyber to SME Clients.

The presentation aims to clarify exactly what "cyber risk " means in a business context, breaking the issue down into four key areas:
- What can go wrong
- How it goes wrong
- How it impacts businesses
- How insurance can help

12 March 2018

MGAA Chrysalis Launch & Blockchain Event

In conjunction with Market Minds, MGAA Chrysalis hosted "A Blockchain Reality".  This event presented the operational opportunities for incumbents as well as the emerging risk presented by crypto currently.  It showcased the most exciting startups entering the insurance market with blockchain offerings, as well as the most impressive London market initiatives to date.

7 February 2018