Executive and Finance Committee

The Committee shall perform the following functions:

  • consider and advise on all aspects of the Association’s finances, financial policies, controls, strategy and review these periodically
  • give consideration to, and recommend to the Board of Directors, an annual budget for revenue income and expenditure and any associated capital expenditure
  • periodically review the budget and recommend any in-year budget adjustments, if necessary
  • monitor the cash flow position of the Association and recommend any corrective action to maintain an acceptable reserve
  • monitor the planning, implementation and progress of approved major capital expenditure projects the Association wishes to engage in
  • review the annual financial statements and recommend them to the Board of Directors for approval
  • consider and make recommendations on improving the solvency of the Association and the safeguarding of its assets
  • periodically review the arrangements for insurance
  • periodically review the Associations investments and borrowing
  • review and recommend the appointment of staff to the Board of Directors
  • review the remuneration package, including pension contributions, for staff and make recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • assess the performance of senior management, relative to the Association’s strategic plan
  • monitor and review the succession planning process for senior management and the training and development of the executive officers as part of such succession planning process.


Charles Manchester
Manchester Underwriting Management Ltd


Graham Faux
CFC Underwriting


Konstantina Gkouma
Nexus Underwriting



Graham Ward
Whiteoak Underwriting Agency