Table 72

Logical Glue’s Explainable AI is a fully transparent form of artificial intelligence and machine learning, where decisions can more easily be understood through algorithmic accountability.
The Logical Glue Business Insight Platform combines fast, accurate decision-making with trustworthy, actionable insights, giving businesses an enviable competitive edge. Their algorithms allow business decision makers to spend less time on repetitive, transactional tasks and more time applying their acumen to value-added analysis. In addition, the fact that models can continually adapt elevates a company’s ability to better understand changing market dynamics, competitor activities and, most importantly, customer wants, needs and desires with unprecedented granularity and insight.
Logical Glue has helped its insurance clients across the entire customer lifecycle, from optimising quote conversion and pricing through to handling claims more effectively.  For MGAs, where data is at the heart of every decision and trust and transparency are key, Logical Glue has been able to deliver solutions that give a deeper and more interpretable understanding of risk during throughout the underwriting process.
Explainable. Transparent. Proven.