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All responses will be kept strictly confidential for the benefit of the MGAA only


You are applying to become a member of the Managing General Agents' Association. Please ensure that all information is correct and that you answer all questions accurately, these details will form the basis of your membership and any incorrect information could invalidate your application to become a "Full Member".

As an underwriting membership association dedicated to serving the general insurance industries managing general agents, we are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining privacy.  Keeping member’s personal data secure and complying with all relevant data protection laws is at the forefront in our minds. We will be designated as a data controller for any personal data we obtain from you and your respective employers and as such, we will be responsible for complying with all relevant and future data protection laws and how we hold your data can be found in our privacy policy.

Before submitting this application to the MGAA for consideration you agree that:
  1. You are a shareholder, director or officer of the organisation/entity mentioned in this proposal
  2. If you are not a shareholder, director or officer you have gained the necessary permission from a shareholder, director of the organisation/entity to complete and submit this application on their behalf and;

Please note that an incomplete application will not be processed:-

The organisation/entity you are proposing;

  1. Is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (not as an insurer)
  2. Underwrites insurance risks on behalf of a FCA regulated insurance company(s) or Lloyd's managing agency under a binding authority agreement(s)
  3. Makes its own underwriting decision(s) for the majority of its business based on the parameters laid down by the insurance company(s) or Lloyd’s managing agency
  4. Links you directly to the insurance company(s) or Lloyd's managing agency under a Binding Authority Agreement
  5. Is not a wholesaler of insurance products or a client facing broker for the majority of its business
  6. Has not been involved in liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy, dissolved, high court writ, voluntary winding up orders, been struck off or similar procedure pending or been subject to receiving order or county court judgment
  7. Has not had a director, partner or proprietor that has been convicted of any criminal offence (not treated as a spent conviction under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) other than motoring convictions.